Northern / Upstate New York Paint and Sip Party

 NNY Paint Party

Jefferson - Lewis - St. Lawrence Counties - Watertown New York - Fort Drum

​1. Chose What You Will Be Painting or Crafting and select a project. NNY Paint Party can create custom projects, but please allow sufficient time for us to create it.  

2. Invite Your Friends - Be sure to invite guests early. NNY Paint Party requires at least 8 total painters for private parties. Life happens and people cancel, therefore it is suggested to either collect the money prior to the party and / or invite more that 8 people. 

3. Table Space - Be sure to have enough space for your guests to paint. Four to six people can typically comfortably paint at a 6 foot table. Be sure to ask me if you need to borrow tables.  

4. Lighting -Try to have enough lighting so that guests aren't in shadow. Sometimes placing table lamps on raised platforms right on the end tables can really help or try locating tall lamps in the party room. 


What type of Paint Parties do you have?
Two.  We offer public parties that are held in public places. These could be fundraiser, company team building, etc. And we have private parties that are only open to people that you chose to be there. 

How do I register?
For public parties, watch the calendar page and register for a seat when an event is scheduled.  $10 registers you and holds your place.  For private parties visit the Book a Party page, choose one project and then contact us to secure your date.  Once we have connected and a date is chosen NNY Paint Party will come to your venue and bring everything for up to 50 painters!

How much is a party?
Children parties are $25 per child.  Most adult projects are $30 -$35. Fundraisers are a bit more. Some events are less!  NNY Paint Party will work with you to make your event happy for everyone.  

Do I need to sign up in advance for public parties?

Yes, there will be limited seating, You can register on the website or give us a call.  The easiest way to sign up for a public event is to pay the $10 registration fee for all that are coming.

What should I expect?
A typical paint party with NNY Paint Party  will be instructor led to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! The atmosphere is laid back and relaxing.. it’s all about having a great evening (or day) with your friends or relatives weather a private or public party.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Do I need to bring anything?
No, we provide everything: paint, canvas, brush and apron. Often times, at private parties the host will prefer that guest come early to grab a drink and snack and to start relaxing. If the event is at a bar or restaurant, please do not bring your own food or drink.  We work with establishment owners to bring the party to their venue so that everyone can enjoy their food and drink while painting.   

What should I wear?
Aprons will be provided, but please dress accordingly. Some of the projects are a little splattery - and you may get paint on your clothes.  We suggest wearing something that is replaceable.  Acrylic paint is tough to get out of fabric.

What is your cancellation policy?
Just contact us as soon as you know you need to cancel a private party. There is no penalty!  Since planning a paint party requires lots of time on a hosts part, once a date is booked, there is a good chance that other party planners have missed out on that date.  If you need to switch dates, please just let us know asap and we will gladly work with you.  

Advanced registration deposit of $10 is required and will reserve your space at a public event. Remaining balance is due at the event. 24 hour notice required for return of deposit. NNY Paint Party reserves the right to cancel public events in the event of low registration. If this occurs, deposits will be refunded. (cancellations will be posted on website calendar the morning of the event by 10am)

Guest that have paid and are no shows may attend future events but it is their responsibility to register for them. Cancellation due to weather here in upstate NY will follow the school cancellation schedule.  Any party that is cancelled will be rescheduled. 

I live on Fort Drum and want a party here, is that a problem?
Security is tight, no problem, I have clearance.

Is your studio BYOB?
The Paint Party, brings the paint party to your venue.  We do not bring alcohol of any kind with us, nor do we supply alcohol at the events.  Your host makes all plans concerning alcohol and will let you know if sipping will be allowed at the party.  

What is a Sip and Paint event like?

A fun, social, group setting, with an artist that guides you step by step in creating the nights featured painting. By the end of the evening you will create a fabulous piece of artwork! Each event varies because we work with your host to meet his or her needs, but we suggest arriving 30 minutes early to get the seat of your choice and to socialize before you begin. Events are relaxed and fun.  We will instruct and help guest for 2 full hours - no pressure.

When does the new schedule come out?
We update our schedule whenever new events are scheduled.  That could be daily.  

Is a Paint Party right for my corporate or company?
We think so, Paint Parties are great for company morale.  Parties don't have to be Sip and Paint.  We have a great time weather alcohol is there or not. Remember, we bring the party to you.

How many people do I need for a Private Event?
We require at least 8 guest for a private event.  

How far will you travel for a Private Event?
The Paint Party will travel! Please call us for arrangements if the party will be outside of Jefferson County, NY. Depending on the number of prepaid registered guest, there may be a small travel charge.

I am an artist, are you hiring?
NNY Paint Party is looking for artists. Please send your resume and portfolio 
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